incuTrackTM is a comprehensive and feature-rich tracking and reporting system for business incubators and accelerators. The following features and benefits add up to a unique and highly economical and effective solution for management, clients, and stakeholders.

General Features

Web based Interface
incuTrack is a solution that is easy to learn, simple to use, and can be extended to collaborators outside the facility. The system offers 24 x 7 access from any computer with an Internet connection and a username / password.

Highly secure
A hierarchical security system allows you to provide information on a “need to know” basis. For example, outside mentors need only see business review information and not lease, insurance, or other administrative information. Password protection and encrypted transactions allow the highest level of privacy and confidentiality.

Comprehensive data collection and reporting
A variety of standard reports are available to reflect company progress and successes. Information on investments, employment, company milestones, and business reviews are readily accessible. The system improves the presentation of the facility’s operations with the ability to organize information in the most usable form for your organization and management style.

Low cost, unified, centralized record keeping
Instead of a collection of disparate online and offline systems, you may now have all your program participant and client information in one readily accessible database. This maximizes your information value in management analysis and decision making.

Easily customizable
Adding a new facility, investment type, or system user? No need to contact system support — you may easily configure these and many other variables to customize the system to your unique requirements.

Low cost
incuTrack significantly reduces your administrative costs. You can reduce copying, filing, and fedexing costs by using the systems “filing” capabilities. Administrative costs associated with business reviews, correspondence, communications, and reporting can be minimized.

Distributed data entry
To the extent that you deem appropriate, you may extend data entry capabilities to client companies. This can be especially beneficial for collecting economic impact data, having companies develop their ‘Executive Summaries’, and having them report investments.

Application Features

“Event” notification
Facility management and clients may be automatically notified and reminded about significant events such as lease extensions, insurance renewals, business reviews, and more. Notification email messages may be customized to meet your needs.

Online Application Forms
Prospective clients may apply online. The information is inserted into the database and facility managers are alerted via email so as to provide quick followup. If the applicant is accepted into the program you simply change their status from ‘pending’ to ‘active’.

Lease tracking
Easily track and report on active leases and readily access historical lease information.

Insurance tracking
The duration and nature of policies (liability, E & O, etc) are tracked in addition to policy information and contacts.

Investment statistics
You may configure investment types and collect information on company investments.

Economic impact data
Hiring information, jobs created, other employment data, and any other data you choose can be tracked.

Document ‘filing’ capability
Rather than collecting, copying, and distributing mounds of paper, electronic documents may be ‘attached’ to company records for easy publication.

Executive Summaries
Companies may author and edit an online summary describing their product & market description, management team, investments, and more. This capability provides a structured presentation of company information for the media, stakeholders, investors, and others.

Participant Tracking
Information may be collected on company officers, employees, mentors, and advisors. Uses include tracking of facility access cards, keys, and parking spaces. Additionally, you have a ready database for electronic communications.

You may develop and distribute online surveys to keep your finger on the pulse of program participants. Survey results may be charted and graphed to provide informative visual presentations.

Meeting Room Scheduling
You may schedule meeting rooms and other resources (e.g. equipment). Clients may have access to a real-time calendar to facilitate booking of rooms and resources.