These are some testimonials that have been sent in by our clients.  If you would like to speak with any of our clients to learn more about their use of incuTrack, just let us know by filling out our Contact Form and we’ll make the introduction.

incuTrack is the best solution I have ever used as a complete prospect/client/tenant tracking system. In addition, it is very easy to learn and vendor support is outstanding.

We’ve been using incuTrack for years with excellent support that goes beyond normal software support.  We’ve had to have some things customized and they’ve always been done timely and without a hitch.

We modified the inquiry form to include demographic data we are required to retain.  Completion of this on-line form results in a telephone interview.  If there is a common interest in our incubation program and the applicant, we then give them a link to the incuTrack needs assessment that becomes the actual application. This procedure saves time in the initial interview process and the needs assessment becomes the foundation of the milestones.

The IncuTrack product is easily customizable, as it is designed specifically for business incubators. An NBIA partner of seven years, IncuTrack also provides special pricing for NBIA members.

We really appreciate the great support and response we get from the incuTrack team.  I would recommend it to you even if the software was not great.

Get a demo of incutrack.  I am implementing it and find the package to be outstanding.  It covers every facet of tracking the clients before, during and after incubation.  The training and support are the best i have ever experienced.

We are very excited about IncuTrack and the many ways it is making our back office more efficient.

I appreciate your immediate attention!

We use incuTrack, and have for a number of years, to track client and facility data. So far, it’s worked well for us!

We value your software, especially for managing our intake/pipelines…

The vendor has been a longtime partner with NBIA and has assisted the organization in many capacities. I’ve been really impressed by their desire to provide the best product for business incubation programs.

We use IncuTrack to schedule resources and pretty much everything else. It’s endorsed by the NBIA and, more importantly, friends of mine in the State Association.  If your clients are “virtual” as ours will be, you get a nice price break on IncuTrack’s pricing system.

We’ve been using IncuTrack in our kitchen incubator and it has worked very well. I can highly recommend it and our clients have really liked the web based access for scheduling their time in the kitchens.

I am in the process of implementing incuTrack and highly recommend it.  It has very significant function, is easy to administer and provides the integrated database I need.  The vendor provides outstanding support.